The Wetlands Ecosystem Services Protocol (WESP) model is a standardized method for assessing the function and value of the services provided by wetlands. This method has been used successfully in the United States and other Canadian provinces such as Alberta.  

The benefits of having a WESP model available in B.C. are numerous, including:   

  • Rapid assessment of wetland ecosystem services for use by conservation organizations and decision makers in compensatory mitigation  
  • Assessing effectiveness of wetland restoration and enhancement projects  
  • Allowing for comparative assessments of wetlands to target conservation and restoration efforts 

One of the B.C. Wildlife Federation’s major aims for 2021 is to initiate the development of a WESP tool in several regions of British Columbia. The Wetlands Workforce Program will be assisting with this project throughout the year. 

The Workforce Calibrating B.C.’s Wetlands

Every day a new wetland that brings with it bigger challenges, unexpected answers, and a greater understanding of its functions and values. Wetlands Workforce work-pods have been out in the field conducting the Wetlands Ecosystem Services Protocol (WESP).  

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