How do we know if our conservation efforts are working? How do we determine the impact we are having on our wetlands and riparian habitats?

Wetland Monitoring is as important as the initial restoration projects that occur across the province. Monitoring and data collection allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of restoration techniques so we can continue to improve the performance and function of future projects. Over the course of the Wetlands Workforce program, we will be monitoring and collecting data at our work sites.  

Some of the wetland monitoring activities that will be conducted include:  

  • Bird Monitoring  
  • Amphibian Monitoring  
  • Wildlife Surveys   
  • Plant Surveys  
  • Photo Point Monitoring  
  • Water Quality Monitoring  

Through monitoring and data collection we will be able to assess the effectiveness of restoration techniques, the overall health of our wetlands and how we can improve moving forward.   

Yaqan Nukiy

The Yaqan Nukiy Wetlands Project

Over the last three years, the B.C. Wildlife Federation’s Wetlands Education Program has been working in partnership with the Lower Kootenay Band on two landscape-scale restoration projects on traditional Yaqan Nukiy territory. The project site is well over 517 hectares in size.

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