February 20, 2021

The Wetlands Workforce aims to foster an environment for shared learning and engagement.

Over the year, the program will create opportunities for shared field learnings with local Indigenous communities, partners, and the public. Through our efforts, we hope to support the building of new networks for shared learnings on wetland health.   

Shared learning starts with our work pods. Online and in-person training is provided to all staff being hired for the Wetlands Workforce. This includes, but is not limited to, marsh monitoring training, reconciliation and sensitivity awareness training, and safety orientation and COVID protocols training. In addition, as many as 50 technicians will be trained in the Wetlands Ecosystems Enhancement Protocol and Wetlands Inventory.   

Although COVID restrictions may limit outreach events, we aim to raise awareness and increase knowledge of wildlife and wetland ecosystem issues through our online platforms. Through blogs, webinars, videos, and educational modules we hope to educate the public on our many projects. While, highlighting the importance of maintaining and monitoring our wetlands and watersheds. 

Wetland Plants of British Columbia

We are excited to share with you the “Wetlands of British Columbia: Field Guide to Indicator Species for Wetland Classification”. We hope it will help guide your plant identification as you venture out…

Mapping Our Impact

Since 2021, the B.C. Wildlife Federation, in partnership with conservative organizations and First Nations, have assessed over 310 wetlands across the Province. These sites are across 6 regions of British Columbia. At each…

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