The Wetlands Workforce Cleaning up our Saltwater Marshes

The B.C. Wildlife Federation’s Wetlands Workforce project, in partnership with the local First Nation communities and other local community groups, is cleaning up and removing garbage along the shorelines of the Fraser River.

Site locations for the Fraser River Clean-Up

The Fraser River is the largest river in British Columbia, draining most of the province. The bulk of the garbage flowing down the river is filtered out by the saltwater marshes at its delta before reaching the open ocean. These include the shorelines of Boundary Bay Wildlife Management Area (WMA), Roberts Bank WMA, South Arm Marshes WMA, and Sturgeon bank WMA.

These saltwater marshes not only filter out the trash, but also provide critical habitat for migratory birds, raptors, and many fish species. Therefore, it is important to make sure these areas are as clean as possible for the long-term survival of these ecosystems.

A big thank-you to Mad Props Marine who is helping transport our team and shuttle debris to and from the islands at the mouth of the Fraser.

In just a few hours our crew made quite a difference at their clean-up site at Wellington Point Park.

This large-scale shoreline clean-up is being conducted between September 20th and December 15th.

Images from the Field

What does a large-scale shoreline clean-up look like? Check out these images from the field and discover what sort of garbage our crew is cleaning up.