Our Vision:
To protect, restore and promote B.C.’s wetlands and watersheds for the benefit of present and future generations.

Our Mission: 
To leave a legacy that demonstrates the value of continued investment in healthy wetlands and watersheds.

Over 70 Project Sites

Over 100 People Employed

40 Key Species Positively Impacted

The B.C. Wildlife Federation’s Wetlands Workforce project, in collaboration with conservation organizations and First Nations, deploys work-pods across the province of British Columbia that aim to:

Maintain Native Species

Restore riparian area habitat and stabilize shorelines at previously restored wetlands by managing weeds, protecting trees, and planting native species.

Improve Wetland Management

Inform best management practices and adaptive management needs by monitoring the effectiveness of wetland restoration sites.

Develop better Wetland Inventories

Support Province wide monitoring initiatives that will improve wetland management through the development of better wetland inventories and decision-making tools. 

Collaborate with Indigenous Communities

Advance wetland restoration projects through planning processes that involve First Nations and community engagement 

Create Good Work

Provide meaningful and safe employment opportunities for people affected by the recent economic recession, targeting woman, people under 30, and First Nations.

This project has received support through the Healthy Watersheds Initiative, which is delivered by the Real Estate Foundation of BC and Watersheds BC, with financial support from the Province of British Columbia as part of its $10-billion COVID-19 response.

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