What significance does water, wetlands and watersheds hold for you?

Every year, people from around the world come together to celebrate wetlands. World Wetlands Day dates back to 1971, when countries joined together to reaffirm the importance and love for wetlands.  
This year’s theme, “Wetlands Action for People and Nature” highlights the importance of taking action to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands for humans and planetary health.  

“Communities are learning, if they want to protect their homes and their businesses from flooding, then protect the natural wetlands that are out there. However, most of the natural wetlands have been drained and filled in, so we are now working with communities to bring back these wetlands, that will provide flood control, clean run off and a great opportunity for people to see wildlife. Wetlands have so many different functions and it is too bad that so many of them are missing.”

Tom Biebighauser, Wetland Ecologist and Wildlife Biologist, Wetland Restoration and Training LLC.

Despite all the uncertainties in 2021, the Wetlands Workforce project took action towards improving the health of wetlands and watersheds across British Columbia. In a noticeably short amount of time, the Wetlands Workforce managed to accomplish some amazing feats. This includes the training of field technicians; virtual and in-person engagement with members from over 40 First Nation communities; maintenance and monitoring work at over 200 wetland sites; and the advancement of a rapid wetland functional assessment model across three regions of the province. 
The level of collaboration that has gone into the Wetlands Workforce project between the B.C. Wildlife Federation, partner NGOs and Indigenous communities is unlike any collaboration that has occurred in B.C. to date. The cohesive goal being strived for by all those involved: healthier, functional wetlands. 

In celebration of Wetlands around the world, we invite you to join us at the Wetlands Workforce project Showcase Webinar | Wetlands: Hope in a Time of Uncertainty. 

Event Details:
March 4, 2021
11:00am – 12:30pm (PST)
Online webinar via Zoom
We look forward to sharing our actions and learnings through this one-year project and hope to inspire and demonstrate the value of longer-term funding for watershed protection and conservation.

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